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Professional consultants sharpening executive images since 1985

Our management consultants have been providing accurate and timely technical writing, training, and translation services in continuous partnerships with Fortune 100 energy and technology corporations since 1985.

If you have a complex technical procedure to explain or need to motivate or inspire an audience, you may need the help of experts. We have the experience, technology and know-how.

The people of Salvo Corporation can write a clear and accurate document, translate it into other languages, adapt it to a video or media presentation and instruct you how to do it yourself.

We encourage you to browse our website to see how Salvo Corporation can help your organization connect across the world with crisp clear communication. We invite
you to contact us directly at 713-522-0012 regarding any inquiries you may have about our services.

Dr. Dvorah Salvo


Technical writing
Got Knowledge?

technical writing

Whether you need to capture the wisdom of seasoned retirees or engineering acumen into a technical white paper, Salvo Corporation provides you with the products to manage your organization’s inherent knowledge base.

Solutions include:
Change management
change management The only proven way to survive in a competitive global market is by adapting to change. Improving employee productivity through training is an important way to achieve marketplace flexibility.
Solutions include:

Translation services
Say it right the first time

translation services Communicating clearly across the world requires more than language ability; meaningful connection requires knowledge of cultural differences as well.
Solutions include:

Client highlights

Why do HP, Shell Oil and ExxonMobil use Salvo Corporation resources?

technical white papers
supervisor training

When Compaq Computer Corporation and Hewlett-Packard requested documentation-they got it! Salvo Corporation consultants have written over 3000 technical white papers, user guides, Read Me First cards, case studies, service bulletins, ActiveAnswers subscription service papers and posters for HPs documentation and marketing divisions since 1998.


video scripts

When Shell Oil needed to develop their AeroShell line of videotapes, Salvo Corporation wrote the industrial video scripts for this award-winning series.


process documentation

When ExxonMobil migrated 90,000 desktops worldwide to Windows XP, Salvo Corporation documented the process to make it available for future rollout initiatives.


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